Todd Reed Jewelry Designer

Todd Reed

“We have a ton of options when it comes to advertising. I work with Lifestyle because I believe in and trust what the team is doing. They have become a trusted friend and helped me grow my business in a thoughtful way.”

Jaymie Hampson

Audi Boulder

“As a new business owner I was looking for the right avenue to get our branding out. The targeted (direct mail) approach re-assures me that our message is going to the RIGHT audience every month. This is something that the majority of print outlets lack. We plan on continuing the partnership for a very long time.”

Cindy Hellgren

Thurston Kitchen and Bath

“It is not often I receive feedback from print ads and this was immediate! We received a call just a few days after the magazine hit mailboxes. I look forward to the next issue!”

Juris Bunkis M.D.

Orange County Plastic Surgery

“At Orange County Plastic Surgery we track the origin point of our consultations and we have seen a number of phone calls and consultations booked each month as a direct result of our ads in  Lifestyle. I would without hesitation recommend this publication to any business looking to grow their brand and increase market share.”

The Behr Team

Sotheby's Realty

“The reach and message created through effective marketing is core to the success of my business. While there are endless marketing options within residential real estate, the balance between professionalism and efficacy shown by Lifestyle Publications is unparalleled. I am excited about this partnership and look forward to it continuing for years to come!”

publisher testimonials


Boulder and Cherry Creek Lifestyle Publisher

Having the home office and support is huge for us, because it allows us to focus on our community and sales. They take care of everything from distribution, layout, ad design and client support. All of this is done by a team of professionals. This would not be possible to do on our own without the team and allows us to focus on inspiring communities.

Michelle Moody

West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle

Being a Publisher has allowed me to live out my passion and purpose by affecting change. Because of the reach and content of the magazine, it has had a tremendous impact on the community. Each month we've been able to accomplish my three personal goals of connecting our community, helping our local businesses grow, and bringing greater awareness to local charities. It has opened up new doors and provided me higher-level connection opportunities to leaders in the private and public sectors. Most importantly, it sparked a passion and love for my job that I never experienced at previous companies. I'm in a position to change lives, which makes this venture all the more worthwhile.