company culture

Lifestyle Publications launched its flagship publication (Leawood Lifestyle) in September of 2009. The community inspired content immediately became something that residents looked forward to receiving in their mailboxes each month. Uplifting content and good news about the community was a welcome friend to readers in the time of an economic downturn.

By mid-2011 Lifestyle produced four community-focused, monthly publications, which served nearly 60,000 homeowners in the most affluent suburbs of Kansas City. With such success in the Kansas City market, Lifestyle decided to license the rights to produce magazines around the country.

Lifestyle’s mission is to bring communities together by sharing local stories that appeal to readers. From learning about people in the community and neighborhood heroes, to introducing new restaurants and entertainment venues around town, each issue is created for the residents of the community. The goal is for readers to ‘run into’ someone they know in nearly every issue.

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