As Seen on TV

As we sit in OKO Westport on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, Brian Lewis speaks easily, as though he’s not surrounded by a flurry of activity on the precipice of evening’s rush. He wears colorful beaded bracelets crafted by his twin toe-heads and a dark apron.

A Typical Day for The Two Oh Three

If you’re reading this magazine, you’ve likely seen someone sporting apparel emblazoned with three numbers: 203. Thank siblings and Westport natives Tory and Roscoe Brown for starting the Connecticut-proud company because nothing like it existed before.

The Art and Effort of Selling a Bestseller

It’s a well-known fact that a bestselling book sells on its own merit. Also, it’s not true.

Eva 4-Eva

A successful lifestyle blog is often a yardstick against which women can measure their inadequacy. These blogs portray the carefree lives of photogenic women happily elevating domestic duties to an art form. They dispense advice on relationships and parenting as effortlessly as they prepare cozy gourmet meals for 10 of their BFFs. I usually scroll through these blogs around dinnertime,…

Staying Fit with Craig Melvin

Westport Lifestyle: Happy New Year! Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite new year question: What is your 2019 New Year’s Resolution?