Yes, Westport, There Is a Santa Claus

 Yes, Westport, there is a Santa Claus  His name is Al Diguido  Ah, Cribari Bridge: the narrowest fully-functioning bridge in modern society. If Saugatuck is a toothpaste tube full of cars, Cribari is the aperture through which the traffic laboriously squeezes.

Horizons GFA

We have many reasons to be proud of our town, one of which is, as of this publication, none of us have been implicated in a college admissions scam.

The Champions Behind the ‘Day of Champions’

When was the last time you shot hoops in a tutu, ran through tires and dug your heels in for an epic four-way tug-of-war, all for a good cause? 

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Firemen! (and Firewomen!)

If you’re me, or one of my friends, you know the Westport Fire Department as the guys who show up when the fire alarm goes off while you’re cooking dinner. But they do much more than protect us from our inability to prepare a meal without a smoke signal. In fact, calling them “firefighters” may even be a misnomer. Yes, they…

Homes Is Where the Heart Is

Remember Peter Cadoux from a few pages back? He used to judge the popular Annual Castles in the Sand Benefit for Homes with Hope. 

Give a Kick Gives Back

 Article Sophia Babun | Photography John Videler  Contact:  Instagram: @GiveAKick