John Serock Catering Offers Exclusive Delectables At Chester County’s Newest Event Venue

In addition to being a caterer of choice for brides and meeting planners throughout Philadelphia, John Serock Catering is the exclusive catering company of the region’s new, premier wedding and special events venue:  the 123-year-old, renovated Loch Aerie Mansion in Malvern. 

This historic site hosted plentiful social gatherings after 19th century lawyer and farmer Williams Lockwood commissioned architect Addison Hutton to build a majestic home there. After decades of different inhabitants, the 6,552-square-foot stone building sat vacant for a number of years–until Steve and Dana Poirier purchased the property in 2016 and restored it to grandeur.

The Poiriers are partnering with John Serock to both manage the events and meals held there. The mansion opens officially this month, with work being done to add a new hall to seat up to 300 guests. 

Conscientious, detailed chef John divulges he gets immense joy from creating tasty, notable menus for events held in this “historical yet timeless setting.” However, he also says his team is following their standard approach of finding the right flavor balances for any meal executions they handle.

“No matter what we’re making, we want the meal to be memorable. Even if it’s a classic wedding entrée, such as a grilled filet mignon, we want guests to say:  ‘I don’t know what they did to that steak, but it’s the best one I’ve ever had,'” he explains. “It’s about balancing sweet, salty, tartness, and incorporating all senses, such as smell and how the food looks. Sometimes, it’s about using restraint to not overpower a certain dish with one main element.”

John says they will transfer their reputation of providing excellent food and amazing service to the mansion as well. “We make food approachable, no matter where.”

The catering company handles corporate events, too, with John promising to accommodate special requests, such as making food from first dates or family/childhood recipes. “We’re happy to recreate special moments,” he adds.