Chapman Tips: How to Tell When To Replace Windows

Chapman Windows Doors & Siding Remodeling Company experts indicate there are basic telltale signs regarding window replacement for homeowners to consider:  When walking past windows, is a breeze felt? When opening a window, does it refuse to stay open? 

For windows, the specific signs for replacement or repair are:  air infiltration, water infiltration, rotting or damaged frames and seal failures in existing glass. Homeowners may notice their double hung windows won’t lift or stay up, which can be caused by one or more broken balances. Another warning sign that a window needs to be replaced is if moisture is seen in-between panes.

Casement windows that don’t open or close properly can be caused by broken hardware or rotted wood in the sash or window frame. Rotted frames or exterior trim can create water infiltration. Deteriorating weather stripping also may cause air to leak into the home.

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Meet The Cloud Nine Painter

Regional artist Susan Reiser, known as Cloud Nine Painter in Pennsylvania, has developed her own unique style and brings a strong sense of rhythm to her work. She has a reverence for the ocean and loves the outdoors. She paints with acrylic and oils, and her practiced technique conveys a sense of peace and calm felt with natural environments. She says she aims for relentless energetic expression in each of her paintings.

Susan creates commissioned works of art, paints it forward, and sells gifts at

Why Add an Outdoor Fire Pit to Outdoor Living Spaces?

Whether enjoying warmth while listening to the crackling of the fire, sipping a favorite beverage, or roasting marshmallows with kids, there’s nothing like relaxing in the comfort of one’s own backyard.

DiSabatino Landscaping and Esposito Masonry can transform homes with custom-made fire pits. For those who want a beautiful customized fire pit added to their outdoor living areas, call 302.764.0408 or go online

Following are seven reasons DiSabatino Landscaping suggest for considering a home-based fire pit:

  1. A fire pit extends entertainment space.
  2. A fire pit is easy to build and is affordable.
  3. A fire pit is a great conversation spot and creates ambiance in a backyard.
  4. A fire pit Makes it Possible to Enjoy the Outdoors Year ‘Round.
  5. Having Drinks and Dinner Around a fire pit is Very Romantic.
  6. Cooking meals around a fire pit is a great family bonding activity.
  7. A fire pit adds value to homes when it comes time to sell.



Show West Chester Pride: Borough Flags For Sale

Did you know an official West Chester flag is available? It was conceived by artist Julie Allen to represent the six main streets of West Chester, reflecting the basic character of the Borough. The flags (3 feet by 5 feet) can be purchased at the Borough Administrative Building for $35.

Borough council members adopted this official Borough of West Chester flag; it was the winning entry in a contest through the Public Arts Commission.