Friends of Venice Lifestyle on Why They are Thankful

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Local Fisherman Chris Tritschler

"Fishing's an outdoor activity you can do with the whole family—nieces, nephews, grandparents, everyone," Chris Tritschler says. "I love fishing with my kids. And maybe one day when I am old, my kids will take me fishing, too."

Three Local Retailers Highlight Gifts

Life by the beach is one to envy and enjoy. But what about our friends and families who only get to visit Venice as tourists? Three local shops offer some exquisite ideas on how to buy locally to give gifts to those we love who don't get to reside by the sea. From the lovely jewelry on offer at Beach Life…

Focused on Foster Care Kids

The statistics surrounding foster care children are as startling as they are sad. According to Dianne Weed, executive director of Venice’s the TWIG (The Way to Inspire and Give), a nonprofit focused on improving the lives of foster children, 50 percent of kids in foster care will not complete high school, and 25 percent will be homeless just four years after leaving…