The Best of Everything!

This month's Vinings Lifestyle Magazine was put together by you! You nominated your favorite businesses in 43 categories. You voted to make sure your favorites won. You spread the word on social media and got others to vote too. And when all was said and done, over 30,000 votes were cast, making this one uber-successful inaugural Best of Smyrna/Vinings issue!

Meet our September Contributors

Aniqa Feerasta's day job is as a diversified digital marketing and e-commerce specialist based in Smyrna. She has worked for, and also launched a social media program for a telecommunications company in Afghanistan. In her free time, Aniqa enjoys writing, meeting new people, and planning her next travel adventure. So far, she has traveled to 15 countries across 5…

Around Town

The Cobb Chamber is seeking nominations for an outstanding Cobb-based company to be recognized through the Novelis International Commerce Spotlight Award. This award gives recognition to a company that excels in global commerce and shows their commitment to the vitality of Cobb County.

School is Back in Session

School is now back in session for kids in Cobb County schools. From teachers to administrators to parents and of course students, everyone is excited to transition to a new school year. Here are some first day of school photos to prove it!

The Sky is the Limit for the 
Atlanta Falcons

After missing the opportunity to make their second Super Bowl appearance by ten yards in 2012, the Atlanta Falcons have struggled to revisit that opportunity. However, football analysts, avid loyalists, and the entire Falcons staff collectively believe the franchise will now “rise up” due to some significant player acquisitions, a stingier defense, and the motivation to enter their highly-anticipated new…

Best of Smyrna/Vinings: Restaurants

This inaugural Best of Smyrna/Vinings issue is brought to you by you. Our initial call for readers to nominate local businesses they love as a best of Smyrna/Vinings business yielded thousands of results. We added all the businesses nominated into a survey with 43 different categories including restaurants, home services, personal care services, and services for kids and pets. Over…

Smiles All Around

Mutual friends introduced Drs. Dina Giesler and Marianna Kovitch in 2011. A shared passion for comprehensive dentistry sparked their professional partnership, now five years strong. “It was like fate,” says Kovitch. “We instantly hit it off.”

Best of Smyrna/Vinings: Personal Care Services

The Smyrna/Vinings area is a great place to live because you don't have to leave the area to get some of the best services to take care of yourself. Check out the Best of Smyrna/Vinings in the personal care categories.

Best of Smyrna/Vinings: Home Services

Home is where you lay your head, but you should still make it the best home possible. In Smyrna/Vinings, there are no shortage of fantastic home services to help you take care of the home you have, renovate it to make it better, or maybe help you find, buy, or build a new one!

Best of Smyrna/Vinings: Healthcare Professionals (Adults)

Anyone who has moved to a new neighborhood knows that one of the first things to do is to find a good doctor and dentist. No matter how long you have lived here, consider yourself a newbie and go explore our wonderful community of healthcare professionals for adults.

Best of Smyrna/Vinings: For Kids and Pets

One of the best things about the Smyrna/Vinings area is that it is so family friendly! Whether your family includes a gaggle of children or a pack of animals (or both) there are some fantastic local businesses ready to serve you. Here are the best of Smyrna/Vinings businesses focused on kids and pets.

The Best Apple Crumb Muffins

With hopes for easy removal from the muffin tin, this recipe was baked in a Trudeau silicone muffin pan. It made baking so simple by eliminating paper liners and ensuring easy muffin removal. Simply push up the muffins under the pan and – voila! No more muffins that crumble or stick to the pan! The pan also cools off super…

For the Love of Football in the South

The arrival of college football season makes southerners as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. There are only a few Saturdays down here when white-tailed bucks graze peacefully in open pastures and doves fly unmolested over soft brown fields of sunflower while hunters exchange their camouflage for collegiate jerseys. Staunch southern Republicans and Democrats…