The Road Less Traveled

Traveling is one of my most favorite things to do. I love exploring new spaces and tasting the local flavors of places near and far. Whether I was in France or the Caribbean or on one of the lesser traveled roads of Georgia, I've relished the adventure of travel. Now, I mostly travel with my family of six in tow,…

Meet Our May Contributors

Aubry Canales is a custom portrait photographer based in Vinings. She specializes in family concept editorial sessions. In addition to photographing families and individuals, Aubry has also worked on impressive and innovative shoots for Delta Airlines CNN, and the SEC. She is married with three children.

Around Town

After an extensive planning period, the art departments at Smyrna's elementary, middle, high school and charter schools came together to host a joint art show. The goal was to showcase the Smyrna arts programs and the creativity of the students involved in them. The first "Smyrna Schools Celebrate the Arts Show" was held on the evening of March 20th at…


With the arrival of warmer temperatures, the desire for road trips and vacations intensifies. Sadly, work and school schedules don’t always allow for out of town trips. However, there is no need to brave the bustling airport or gas up the car – Smyrna-Vinings offers plenty of amazing activities right within its own borders!

Star Student: Nylah Boone

Beauty. Brains. Athleticism. Nylah Boone embodies this trifecta of personal characteristics. The senior at Campbell High School is in the International Baccalaureate Program and has excelled there in every way. She has maintained a 3.89 GPA, while competing in varsity and AAU volleyball. She is also an active member in her church, Mount Paran Church, serves her local community, and…

Stress Free Preparation for 
Overnight Camps

A parent’s work is never done. Now that school is winding down, it’s time to start preparing kids for overnight summer camp. To keep camp prep simple and stress free, here are easy tips from the experts to make sure you and your child start their overnight camp experience on the right foot.

When Travel 

As if traveling isn’t stressful enough, cancellations, delays and lost bags can make it practically unbearable. The best thing anyone can do when faced with these obstacles is to remain calm. Anger and panic are counterproductive and can add more stress to the situation. Plus, everyone's grandmother is right. Honey attracts more flies than vinegar.

Worth the Trip

Vacation time is precious. It is a rare and valuable thing. Use it wisely! Whether it is a family road trip, a girls' trip that's been planned for years or a spontaneous getaway for two, there are so many places in this world to see. To help Vinings Lifestyle readers find destinations that are worthy of using that precious vacation…

Walking North: Discovering Japan

The head priest walks over to the center of the main shrine room to offer the daily morning prayers. Chanting, clapping and singing follow, along with a specific protocol of procedures for passing the blessed offerings on to other members of the party. Drumbeats declare the end of the ceremony and the assistant to the priest, in full regalia, invites…

Let’s Visit El Paso

If we said “Let’s go to the birthplace of the margarita!” who wouldn’t sign up? If we said “Let’s go to El Paso!” the answer might be “Why?” The “why” is that it’s the home of the margarita. But that’s not the only reason. El Paso offers quite a bit to visitors.

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Smyrna

Think Smyrna is just another run-of-the-mill Southern town? Think again. Here are 9 fun facts about our great city, written with help from Harold Smith, President of Smyrna Historical and Genealogical Society.

Making Business Travel Pleasurable

Whether you are a road warrior or someone who takes the occasional business trip, you know that business travel can be more work than your normal day in the office. You are probably in an unfamiliar location with an unfamiliar routine and you probably had to deal with the hassles of flying through several airports to get there. However business…