I’m thrilled to bring you this special "spirited" edition of Vinings Lifestyle magazine. Inside you will learn why everyone seems to be talking about craft beer and where to get it in Smyrna and Vinings. You are also treated to cocktail recipes from some of our favorite bars in the area to spice up your next dinner party. Read on…

Back to School in Smyrna & Vinings

Kids in Cobb county start early! Here are some of our best and brightest from Nickajack Elementary, Bolton Academy, St. Benedict's, Covenant Christian School, Smyrna Elementary, The Lovett School, The Children's School, and Argyle Elementary.

October 2015 Around Town

The Chick-fil-A at Macland Crossing in Marietta reopened in August after having been closed for several months for renovations. The whole restaurant got a facelift and is cleaner, sleeker, and allows for a better flow of traffic.There's also some unique additions including a chandelier made from old Coca-Cola bottles and another one made from a peach basket. They added a…

Roll out the barrel!

You can get craft beer everywhere you turn in the Smynra and Vinings area. However, there are some special places to go if you are truly a connoisseur, or if you just want a wide variety of delicious hops to choose from.

Stir it up

Have you ever walked up to a bar and not known what to order? Or how about thrown a party and not had a clue which signature drink you should serve? For those who have been in these very real (very First World) dilemmas, fear no more! We asked some of the best restaurants and bars in the area for…

Experience Southern Style Luxuries with Georgia’s Agritourism

The secret is really no secret. There is an idyllic region boasting European health spas, fifth-generation farms, and rolling vineyards. You’ve seen it, heard it, passed by it, most likely even bought some of its homegrown products. The region is more specifically a state, both literally and figuratively. Its name is Georgia.

Home Team Advantage

Lights, camera, action! David Wilkinson is no stranger to being the center of attention. For most of his adult life he has been in the public eye as a sports reporter in markets from Montgomery, Alabama, to Waco, Texas. After years of carpetbagging, David and his wife Lisa, a stay-at-home mom, are thrilled to be back in David's hometown.

Making Life Beautiful

Cassandra Buckalew wears many hats, and she has been using all of them to make Vinings, Marietta and all around metro Atlanta more beautiful and fun for years. She is an interior designer, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a business owner and uses all those titles to brighten the lives of people around her.

Dreams Built Here

When Fox Network sought a custom home builder for it’s brand new home renovation competition show, Home Free, Edward Andrews Homes was the perfect fit. Based off Cumberland Parkway in Smyrna, Edward Andrews Homes was asked to do what they do best: create a dream house for a deserving family.


There are no shortage of great hotels in New Orleans, but the city also has a unique niche of historical hotels, bed and breakfasts, and Guest Houses which give guests a more authentic feel for New Orleans people, culture and history.

Vinings Downhill 5K

More than 1200 runners enjoyed the family-friendly event, hosted by the Vinings Rotary Club, and raised $85,000+ for the Vinings Rotary Charity Fund, the Calvary Children's Home, and the Good Samaritan Health Center of Atlanta.

Become a Wine Aficionado in 5 Easy Steps

Autumn is the perfect time to embrace wine. The heat and humidity are gone (for the most part) and wine can be sipped, not gulped because you're dying of thirst. This is the time for football on Saturdays, outdoor patios for dinner, and relaxing by the fireplace in the evenings. For anyone who wants to pair these fall activities with…