The American Craft Show

The American Craft Show (ACC), a three-day celebration taking place March 13th - 15th at the Cobb Galleria Centre, features approximately 230 of the country’s leading artists specializing in contemporary jewelry, clothing, furniture, home goods and décor. This year’s show has a strong representation of artists and crafters from the southeast with more than 20 Atlanta-area artists participating, including Debra Kidd…

Nightly Beauty Routines

Megan Elliot, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, started her website, Lush to Blush, in March of 2012. It was a way for her to share advice about beauty, luxury travel, and more.

The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is much more than a time to go on an eating rampage with friends and family; it is more so a demonstration of our gratitude to the ones we love.      

Trendy Cuts for Men

The Styles You Want + How to Get Them The Fade + Hard Part HAIR TYPE Straight + Short WHAT IT IS There are many different types of fades, but ultimately a fade haircut is one that tapers in length the further down you go on the back and sides, meaning it isn’t trimmed to just one … Continued

Timeless Beauty

With just a few products and a few minutes, these quick makeup routines add a little something extra when you don’t have time to spare Makeup brush 101 Your guide to must-have makeup brushes   01 | ANGLED CONTOUR Use this to apply blush, bronzer or highlighter. The angled cut flawlessly defines and highlights your features. … Continued

From the Desk to the Stands

Whether it's the Tomahawk Chop, an OT touchdown cheer in the Dome or another sports team awaiting your encouragement in the stands, wouldn't an easy transition from work to play solve all of the world's problems? When it's 5 p.m. on Friday, and all you want to do is crack a brew and head to the local ballpark, the last…

Back-to-School Fashion

Back-to-school shopping can be a financial strain on many families when you add up school supplies, clothes for school, activewear, shoes, accessories and all the other extras that go along with starting a new school year. Do you have multiple kids in your family in grades K-12? If so, you could be spending more than $1,000 just to get your…

Summer Adventure Fashion

Turn heads in this breezy dress ($54) that's simple enough for a local ball game and snazzy enough for a simple date night or brunch with the girls. The dress is patterned in a slim, colorful stripe which is one of the season's biggest trends as well as the knot detail and small cutouts on the side. Dress this look…

How to Upgrade Your Husband’s Wardrobe Without Him Knowing It

Tired of the same depressing wardrobe that he wears day in and day out? Looking for any way to make him dress as the hero you already see him as? Well ladies, fear no more because when it comes to menswear Daily Simplicities is the go-to blog to help you upgrade your man’s closet.

Traveling Style

It’s time to start thinking about all the wonderful trips that you will be embarking on this summer. Are you going to hop a plane to your favorite destination or pile the family into the car? Will you go on several weekend trips or one long fabulous holiday? Most importantly, what items are essential to ensure a stylish, comfortable and…


Beautycounter will be turning only 3 years old on March 3, but the company has already made an impact in the cosmetic industry. Although not required by U.S. law to do so, the beauty brand has banned over 1,500 questionable and harmful ingredients that can be linked to cancer, hormone disruption, asthma, organ toxicity, infertility and more. The benefit corporation…

Be Insta-Fabulous this Summer

Summer is fun, flirty and usually a season to remember. And summer fashion can be the same! Though the temperature will soar, looking cute is always in season. Check out these seven summer trends pulled from the fashion-forward depths of Instagram to be fashion-ready for any occasion this season.

Southern-Styled Outerwear

Winter in Atlanta is always questionable. However, with the exception of a few winter storms, the weather still allows you to be fierce with fashion. Who said being bundled up has to mean a puffy coat and knit hat? Fashion is a representation of who you are and should reflect your personality no matter the season. There are always trends…