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Not Your Daddy’s Lincoln

The only thing silver about Lincolns these days are their sleek, shiny exteriors. Once proscribed to an older crowd, the past few years have found Lincoln shifting their sights—and gears—toward a younger luxury market. Gone are the rounded curves and slow ease of older models, replaced by a swankier, sportier aesthetic, unparalleled technology, and genuine power. These new features are…


The base-level Tesla Model 3 will come standard with a rear-mounted single motor capable of launching the car from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in about six seconds. A high-performance dual-motor AWD configuration will also be offered, though Tesla has offered little in the way of performance stats for the car. Journalists who were offered the opportunity to…

Street Lines

Since 1998, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator continues to scratch that itch for motorists who desire a luxury SUV geared towards providing an almost regal, king-of-the-road experience. The carmaker happily boasts “improved utility, craftsmanship and comfort,” and the difference is certainly noticeable. Its heightened efficiency in ’15 raises eyebrows as well; this model possesses a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 heart which packs 380 horsepower and 16/20…

Acura’s Compact RDX is Loaded with Technology and Comfort

Compact crossover utility vehicles are one of the hottest segments, mostly because these sensibly sized vehicles are a perfect fit for empty nesters, young couples or families with two kids. In many ways, they’re the contemporary equivalent of a station wagon and they’re much cooler than a minivan.