Add some sparkle to your life

Highland Diamond, which opened its doors in 2017 right here in Midtown, is not your average jewelry store. While it does feature beautiful jewelry and stylish watches, this boutique store specializes in custom-designed pieces, including the repurposing and repair of heirloom items that have been passed down for generations.

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

“Do you look like this dog?” was the enticing open-invitation kind of question renowned photographer and self-professed dog lover Gerrard Gethings posed on Instagram, along with a photo of Hope, a beautiful Afghan hound with a silky coat worthy of a brand-name shampoo commercial. As it turned out, a lot of people thought they did, but Gerrard's answer came in the form…

Re-Made Art

Reusing “junk” for art has been a reused concept in itself for quite some time, more markedly since the early 20th century with leading artists Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp, among others, as its innovators. Seeing that environmental matters have become more critical in recent years, many artists feel increasingly compelled to use recycled materials as a thoughtful medium of choice. …

Treating Windows

Contemplating a new look for your windows this new year? Be it for privacy, light blocking, heat control or soundproofing, Atlanta Custom Interiors’ award-winning certified custom window treatment expert, Stacie Kennedy, imparts her know-how on the latest up-to-date styles for 2018.

An Artist on the Rise

There isn’t much in our world that isn’t constantly evolving into a newer and different version of itself. Similarly, since its early days, art has certainly been an avenue that follows this rule, and contemporary multimedia artist Matthew White has fully embraced this phenomenon in his work — whereby securing a comfortable place on Atlanta’s radar as an artist to…

Smyrna Artist Makes a Splash Throughout the South

Melissa Payne Baker spends her days chasing her artistic dreams as well as her toddler son, both keeping her creativity in full bloom. She grew up in Mississippi but now, along with her son and husband Rick, Melissa calls the Vinings area home.

Making Life Beautiful

Cassandra Buckalew wears many hats, and she has been using all of them to make Vinings, Marietta and all around metro Atlanta more beautiful and fun for years. She is an interior designer, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a business owner and uses all those titles to brighten the lives of people around her.