CEO with Roots and Wings

Life Lessons for the Family

Graham M. Fox has more than 15 years of executive health care experience overseeing the strategic,
operational and financial growth of physician practices and health systems. In 2019, Graham joined GI Specialists of  Georgia as COO/CFO and has sage advice for balancing work and family.

When it comes to family, Graham says he adopted a saying from his wife’s side: “There are two lasting gifts parents can give to their children: one is roots and the other is wings.”

“Sometimes kids can feel like parents are mean. We are not being mean to our girls when we say ‘no;’ we are just deepening their roots. They are really good people, and we are so proud of who they are. When we give them more freedom, we like to say we are allowing our children to have wings. This allows them to be curious, adventurous and confident individuals.

Graham is married to his lovely wife, Bradley, and is celebrating 17 years of marriage. Bradley, loves to work with seniors and works at an independent adult facility. Their two girls, Caroline, 14; and Campbell, 10; are into dance, track and horseback riding.