New Year's (re)Solutions 7

From “Going to” to Ongoing

2018 came and went, much like those caloric holiday leftovers that no longer loiter around in the fridge. Then so it is, with a renewed feeling of resolve for a better year onward, we yet again vow—for “realsies” this time—to follow through with our new year’s pledges. For better chances of success this year, identify what you can do to improve your life on your own, what you cannot achieve without the assistance of others and how to bring your goals to fruition. Change is a gradual process that requires consistency and time. Increase your chances of adhering to your goals by using these basic steps:

1. Set specific goals.  

Set manageable and specific goals for yourself. If you want to exercise regularly, set a number of days and an amount of time that is reasonable to you as a starting point. Do not overwhelm yourself; start small and increase your workout as you build more endurance later on.     

2. Keep track of your goals and evaluate them.                

Document, and if possible, measure your progress. If the goal is losing weight, determine a sensible amount you would like to lose per month and overall outcome in a realistic time frame. Steadily implement your chosen exercise regimen and keep track using a health journal. Do the same with your diet. When you do the right things, the pounds do come off—unless, of course, there is a health issue that warrants medical attention. Notetaking raises self-awareness about your exercise and diet habits, your weight management progress, and it helps you evaluate what is working and what isn’t. Eventually, you will recognize where to keep pushing and where to ease up if the plan gets overly ambitious. Keeping track helps you stay on track. 

3. Persevere  

If you work hard and still fall short of accomplishing your ultimate goal, do not beat yourself up over it. It may take more time for you to reach your objective. The most important thing is that you are closer to your targeted result than you were when you got started. You have learned from your mistakes. Not quitting is a victory in itself.  


“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”   –Abraham Lincoln

For Fitness: HOTWORX

HOTWORX is expected to be open soon in Smyrna sometime in February or thereafter. This fitness studio will offer you eight saunas in two types of workouts: HIIT and isometrics. The 15-minute row and spin HIIT classes consist of two saunas with row machines and two additional saunas with spin bikes. The 30-minute isometrics classes include yoga, pilates, resistance band training and more. For people with either high or low blood pressure, it is recommended to consult a doctor before beginning an infrared exercise routine.

Designed to surpass the typical hot yoga experience, it allows members to exercise at their own convenience anytime in a 24-hour, unlimited access, monthly membership studio where classes will be conducted by virtual instructors on a TV inside each sauna. There will be also a non-heated “FX Zone” mini-gym environment supplied with dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX straps, battle ropes and more. You can enjoy the detoxing health benefits of an infrared heated workout followed by a soothing shower and have other aspects of self-care addressed, such as nutrition products available on-site. HOTWORX’ Smyrna owner, Ashley Inglese, is offering great introductory rates for pre-sale packages prior to the studio’s launching. 

Opening soon at Shops at Silver Comet: 4624 Camp Highland Road SE, Suite 100, Smyrna, 678.293.5468, 

For Kids: Jitterbug Performing Arts   

If part of your plans to improve quality of life includes providing a creative outlet in a nurturing environment for your children (babies to pre-teens), Jitterbug Performing Arts is a marvelous choice. Their diverse programs encourage imaginative self-expression and socialization through musical theater; performance, improv, dance, musical instrument and vocal lessons; year-round break and summer camps; birthday parties; drop-in classes; private coaching; and many fun events throughout the year. There are also opportunities for parents to participate in Mommy & Me and baby-wearing classes.      

1125 Concord Road SE, Smyrna, 678.424.1256,

For Well-Being

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines well-being as “the state of being happy, healthy or prosperous,” but it is up to you to define what that means in your life. We propose simple actions that can raise your spirits and contribute to personal fulfillment:           

  • Be outdoors
  • Create romantic moments
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Make time for relaxation
  • Prioritize professional happiness
  • Learn a new skill