What 2018 Has Taught Me

This year I wanted to write the parting thoughts for 2018 myself because it has been the best year of my life. It has not been without trials or hardship, but it has been a year of God showing me mercy, love and great growth.

Some may measure their success by financial gain, which is always a plus. Some may measure their happiness by good health. Some people have found true love and cannot believe their soulmate is sitting right next to them.

For me, I’m grateful that my 12-year‐old daughter wants to sit at the breakfast table and spill all the “tea” on what’s going on in her life. God has entrusted me with this precious life that doesn’t know the way of the world, and she is depending on me to guide and teach her. I’m so full of gratitude and love.

As I pen these thoughts, my eyes well up, because so many young people want to commit suicide and shut the doors to their rooms. Don’t give up! Fight for your child and tell them you are not going to let them go, even if they tell you, “I don’t care.” God cares for you.