The Orangetheory Fitness Way

Banded Front Raise

  • Band across wrists. Arms shoulder-width apart. Shoulders down. Three seconds up. Three down.

Bent Low Row

  • Hinge at hips. Shoulders over knees. Drive dumbbells to chest, squeezing shoulder blades together.

Hollow Hold Chest Press

  • Lie down. Shoulders, legs elevated. Brace core. Chin neutral. Arm 90 degrees. Extend arm.

Weighted Squat

  • Dumbbell at chest. Weight in heels. Chest proud. Squat down, keeping knees behind toes.

Chair Dip

  • Support body weight with locked arms. Legs extended. Lower arms to 90 degrees. Return.

Banded Front Walk

  • Band across ankles. Tension in band. Hold squat. Take three steps up and back.

Banded Toe Touch

  • Band across ankles. Keep feet hip-width apart. Chin neutral. Reach toward toes.