Unique Local Wines

Little Vine Vineyards and Winery in Villa Rica, Georgia, is bringing back a tradition of fine wines once produced in Western Georgia in the 1890s. This area of the state at one time was a major vineyard and winery center with some 20,000 acres planted in bunch grapes before Prohibition. The grapes at Little Vine Vineyards are the first commercial wine grapes planted in West Central Georgia since 1907, and the winery is the first constructed here in more than 100 years. Just as Villa Rica was home to the nation’s first gold rush in 1826, Little Vine is striving to reestablish the golden era of winemaking here after a century-long hiatus.

Little Vine Vineyards began preparing the soil for planting in 2010 and planted the first grapes in March 2011. Seven hundred norton and 700 lenoir grape vines were planted on the first 3 acres to start the rebirth of the wine industry. The second 3 acres were planted a year later in 2012. Nine hundred blanc du bois, 350 villard blanc and 55 herbemont grape vines were planted at that time. Friends, neighbors, their church life group members and Vineyard and Winery Association members joined in the planting efforts. This was a new and exciting undertaking for everyone present, especially the owners, Jerry and Sherrie Culver.

The fruits of their labor were realized the following year in 2013 with the first harvest. The first 3 acres produced approximately 9.5 tons of grapes. One half-ton of blanc du bois grapes were harvested from the previous year’s planting. This day was more exciting than the planting days because they could actually touch, feel, see and taste the fruits of their labor from the previous years. The day was celebrated with good wine, good food and most importantly great friendships nurtured by the sweat of the brow and hands covered with dirt.  

The wines were developed basically after deciding what grapes to plant. It was necessary to plant hybrid grapes because the European varieties would not grow in this area. The midnight blue or blueberry was developed when the norton variety did not sell well here, and they had to improvise to use the wine.  It’s one of the winery’s top-sellers along with Red Dirt Road Red and Red Dirt Road White and Three Ls.

Midnight Blue Off-Dry (Pictured)

This blend of norton and blueberry brings a finesse to the blueberry wine world. While not too sweet nor too dry. This juicy wine will not leave you feeling blue.

665 N. Hulett Road, Villa Rica, Georgia, 770.851.4454, LittleVineVineyards.com