Fun Kitchen Products You’ll Love

Granted, the kitchen isn’t everyone’s domain, but these four cool kitchen products will make it a more fun and entertaining place for all in your life to enjoy—we promise.

Fruit-Infusing Ice Balls (4-pack), $10,

This product turns any beverage into an infused, garnished and zesty refreshment. Simply place fruit, juice, citrus peel or herbs in the ice molds; once frozen, the spheres will dissolve slowly, as your drink imbibes those flavors naturally.        

CinniBird Spice Pen, $25.99,

Animate your loved ones’ beverages and edibles with attractive messages and drawings using their favorite spice: cinnamon, coffee grounds, cocoa powder, paprika, ground parsley, ground sugar…  Perfect for entertaining, or whenever!       

PancakeBot, $299.95,

Behold the 3-D pancake printer! Geek out with delicious custom-made pancakes from the designs included in the software, or download more online via SD card. 

InstantPot Decals, $6.50,

Thanks to Mae Madden’s sense of humor and post-retirement business, your InstantPot doesn’t have to be blah anymore.  Choose from 150 playful food-pun-themed decals or customize your own made-to-order. Made of commercial-grade adhesive vinyl; application instructions included. Hand-wash, but worth the entertainment value.