Local Female Movers & Shakers

Mrs. Front Porch of Vinings

Lisa Rieves

What is your five-word mission statement?

Go big or go home.

How has your work changed your community?

When I opened The Front Porch of Vinings almost three years ago, I had a dream that my shop would become a destination spot in Vinings—a place that folks would want to visit, more for the experience than anything else. Fast-forward almost three years and my husband, J.T., and I now own this unbelievable corner in historic Vinings. You can grab your dinner, grab a new outfit, maybe a gift, some fresh cut flowers and be on your way!

Thrifty Christy

Christy Duncan

How has your work changed your community?

We offer our community the ability to shop thousands of consigned and handmade items year-round, from the comforts of home with fast/local shipping. We also give back to local charities such as Atlanta Mission and Atlanta Children Shelter.


What is your superpower?

Running Josie’s Friends is like being three business owners in one: running a children’s charity, operating an e-commerce clothing store and being a buyer. I am so passionate about our mission and hope to inspire more people to shop consignment for the sake of our planet.

Cara Cares

Cara Thurman

What is your mission statement?

Helping people feel healthy in their bodies and minds

How has my work changed my community? 

Vinings Massage & Wellness provides the Northwest Atlanta community with an option for those who want to incorporate bodywork into their wellness routine. We deliver the highest level of customer service and standards of care in the industry. We are not a corporate establishment. We’re a mom and pop shop, so each and every one of our clients is truly important to us. 

Leading Lady

Laurie Lehrich

What is your mission statement?

Do what is right, not what is easy.

How has your work changed your community?

My business is quite young, so I haven’t had too much impact on the community at large, other than my client’s homes. I hope to participate in some design-related charities in the future. One of my girlfriends on the West Coast designs and furnishes dream bedrooms for terminally ill children as a charitable part of her business model. This brings me to tears regularly. I hope to do something like this and really make a difference in peoples’ lives.

The Senator

Sen. Jennifer Jordan

What is your five-word mission statement?

Never, never, never give up. 


How has your work changed your community? 

Having a seat at the table, especially one as significant as the state senate, is so important when trying to change a community for the better. Since serving in the legislature, I’ve seen how crucial it is for women to serve. Not only because we deserve a say in crafting the laws, but because younger women deserve an opportunity to see someone who looks like them doing the important work.