Tips from the Owner of Bartlett Heating and Air

Shannon Bartlett, owner of Bartlett Heating and Air, is a woman of determination, business savvy and power. In a male-dominated business, she has forged ahead for more than 20 years in a local HVAC company that sales, installs and maintains top-of-the-line the heating and cooling systems in Cobb County. Shannon leads her team of 20 employees with nine service trucks, which you’ve probably seen rolling through the neighborhood. This “Girl Boss” is running her business in the midst of renovating her corporate office on top of all that. Here are Shannon’s inspirational tips for being a powerful girl boss.

Be in charge, but don’t power trip

I might be the captain of the ship, but this ship goes nowhere without the hard work of the team. If someone else has suggestions or advice, I am all ears! I never think that my way is the only way. And, I try my best not to allow my pride or ego get in the way of someone else on the team (or anywhere else) being smarter than me!

When the vision is clear, stick to it

I am a consensus taker by nature. If I have an idea about something, I will talk to others here at Bartlett about it, as I truly value their opinion and insight. I have a clear and distinct end game but am always looking for insight from the team on how to get there. 

Be inquisitive about all the aspects the job as whole, especially on the technical side

I do not like for there to be a question that I cannot reasonably understand and answer. While I will never be the person that shows up at your home to repair or replace your AC, I do know a lot about HVAC parts, service and installation. This allows me to understand what the technicians in the field are doing, as well as speak to clients when they have questions. 

Bring to the table a woman’s perspective, which is so important—especially in this industry

When our technicians receive their HVAC education, certifications and ongoing training, it is almost exclusively done by men. Currently, all of our technicians are men. Yet the majority of our clients and main point of contact throughout the day are women. It is imperative that we, as a company, bear in mind that woman and men communicate differently and have very different perspectives. By being a woman in the forefront of our company, everyone is constantly reminded of the woman’s perception of everything we do.

Always remember the family

When someone on the team needs time off, it is given. No one should have to miss a PTA meeting, a recital or a game! Bartlett is the kind of company that makes spouses proud for their partner to work for. It is hard to have a successful business if you don’t have happy families! And this also translates to our customers. It is not about fixing an AC. It is about making sure our clients’ homes and family are safe, efficient and comfortable!