A Painter’s Paradise 5

Inside Jean Dortch’s Unique Art Studio

Vinings is known for its quaint village feel, close-knit neighbors and gorgeous homes full of history mixed with modern upgrades. The home of Caleb and Jean Dortch is nestled in the heart of the village and has a unique art studio attached to their garage. Jean has spent the last 15 years painting in her basement and is now enjoying her new art studio with all the bells and whistles.


“I started painting so that I could create an image of my son, daughter and myself depicted as three geese—which we were when they were in high school because we seemed to work and play together quite a lot,” Jean says. “I just walked into an art class one day and said I didn’t know how to paint but would love to learn. As of now, the three geese painting is yet to be done.”


“Daily painting for me is done out of a pure love of just trying to create something. While I am constantly trying to improve and learn more, a lot of joy comes my way,” she says. “My favorite subject is children closely followed by figures, flowers and landscapes. Given a choice, I would love to be more abstract. My choice of surfaces is primed linen, and my medium is oil paints.”

"Having a lovely place in which to paint and listen to beautiful music is just awesome!"