The Art of Social Sustainability 1

Be the Sunshine!

I have found it heartwarming to feel a stronger than ever sense of community and desire for connection through a wide scope of personal experiences. Starting in my own household, into my own neighborhood, into the vibrant city of Atlanta and, hopefully, beyond. In my opinion, this trend of social sustainability, if it is true, needs sustaining, just like the planet we live on!

In my own home, I’m hyperaware of time passing with one child left—of three—at home. I’ve been “carpe diem-ing” my way through each day lately. Regularly stopping our typically fast-paced lives to have conversations that matter in our own households is vital to sustaining and growing family relationships.

Our school community has just come together as well, sadly over two beloved lives tragically lost. The silver lining is that it has created a renewed sense of what really matters at the end of the day. New bonds have been formed, and ties have been strengthened through this shared heartbreak. I also experienced this strong sense of community when I went to document the MLK Day events downtown photographically and came away with a wide variety of new friends and their life stories, and an even stronger acceptance of and love for all people, no matter what color, gender or age. Beautiful souls come in all kinds of packages that just need opening. Our emotional and social health is a not-to-be-overlooked vital, sustainable asset. We’ve all got built-in recyclable tools!

The local weatherman summed up the prescription for  “social sustainability” well, after reporting the morning’s forecast calling for rain all week, when he dismissed the bad news with this wise parting statement: “Just smile at people, folks! You are the sunshine!”