Three Locations, Two Sisters, One Theory 6

Orangetheory Fitness is Revolutionizing the Workout Scene

Orangetheory Fitness has revolutionized the world of training one location at a time, and two sisters in the greater Atlanta area have spread their passion for the workout franchise throughout three cities thus far. As a one-hour workout inside incredibly convenient and welcoming gyms, Orangetheory eliminates the need to purchase overpriced workout machines, create weekly circuits or plans from memory, or feel the need to be solo at the 24-hour local gym ever again.

Heart rate monitors are attached to each member, and the results are posted on screens throughout the gym which allows members to track their calories burned along with maintaining a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. Achieving “the burn” level makes a one-day workout last for two days. Orangetheory creates a unique, supportive atmosphere open to any level of activity.

After Kim Fishman tried out her first Orangetheory session, she was instantly hooked. Upon moving from south Florida to Atlanta to be closer to her sister, Julie Stewart, Kim realized she instantly missed her workouts, her hour-long sweat sessions, and her Orangetheory “family.” Kim called the corporate location and inquired about opening the first Atlanta location at the time. Deciding that the time had come to create their own business and step away from their current fields, the two sisters took on their first location in Sandy Springs. Beginning in December 2013, Kim and Julie changed the way Atlanta would work out and brought the growing trend to the city.

“From a member perspective, I love the concept, and we’ve both seen our bodies change so much after doing the workouts ourselves,” Kim says.

Julie says the workout appealed to her as well.

“We’re both moms and have busy lives, but it’s fun, and we push ourselves more than we would on our own.”

Neither Kim nor Julie had much of a fitness background, but, from the moment they came across Orangetheory, they both knew they had immediately found a new means of working out. Orangetheory combines heart rate-based interval training with strong coaching support in an environment unlike anywhere else. Orangetheory Fitness studios are filled with rowing machines, free weights and benches, suspension units and treadmills, and have the ultimate competitive, yet welcoming, atmosphere for those well-versed and even those new to the training world.

From 2013, Kim and Julie noticed the trend continuing to grow and decided to open their second location in the Cumberland area a little more than two years ago.

“The concept works so well,” Kim says. “It really appeals to the everyday person, and you see results.

“You see everyone from 16-year-olds to 80-year-olds, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a walker or runner because you can make modifications.”

The first two locations weren’t enough for these two sisters, who also have a triplet. A third location sealed the deal and recently opened in May 2017 in Smyrna, close to Julie’s home. Kim and Julie hope to reach full capacity at each location in the future and continue to grow their reach around the city.

Both sisters acknowledge building the brand and bringing a new concept to the area proved challenging at first, but the most rewarding part is seeing their employees grow, being around so many different personalities and seeing how members recognize their results and build confidence. Like other Orangetheory Fitness locations, their members have become friends and have really grown a community around their common interest.

“I have loved being involved in a business that makes a positive impact and helps people on their own journey,” Julie says.