Candice Cunningham Shares Her Confessions 1

Cardio, Cocktails and Sleep

Candice Cunningham believes that sticking to your workout and diet plans are crucial to seeing results, but she also knows that a bit of moderation may be just as important! Without a splurge here and there, it’s difficult to refrain from straying completely from your goals. As a personal trainer in the Atlanta area, Candice works with clients both one on one and in small groups, even focusing on pre- and postnatal fitness training and corrective exercise, and she loves what she does! She trains clients both remotely and from CYB FITLAB, located at 3098 Piedmont Road, 1st Floor, Atlanta.

Now, back to those splurges! Here are a few of Candice’s confessions about the world of fitness. Shhh … we won’t tell yours!

1. Cardio is not the only thing you can do to lose weight. For many, you may feel good after a long run, but it’s the combination of lifting weights to tone and what you eat that matters, too! Candice knows cardio may be a fallback, but, just like those splurges, it’s best in moderation!

2. Pizza, frozen yogurt and a good cocktail, these are her go-to’s, but in small doses, of course—it’s the 80/20 rule. She’s a big fan of Antico’s white pizza, Oreos and cookies and cream on her froyo and a cold glass of white wine—just as a treat—but a good treat, nonetheless!

3) You can’t take sleep for granted anymore. With her schedule, Candice doesn’t have as much time to sleep as before, but she knows that sleep regulates hormone levels and helps your metabolism. It also helps with the recovery and resting process and can even help with weight loss.