Healthy Kids are My Passion 

Cynthia Colquhoun, M.D., Pediatrician

“I’m very lucky to work with such a warm, dedicated, excellent group. We are inquisitive and open to new ideas and opinions that cause us to challenge ourselves. We expect the highest standard of care from each other.”

It is a joy to take care of healthy children and to help parents when they have questions regarding their child’s development, then to start the detective work to properly identify what’s wrong with a child when they are sick. They sometimes cannot exactly communicate what they’re feeling, often have no filter and are almost always unpredictable. Every day is new and exciting, and I can always be myself with my patients.

I have learned a lot from being a parent of a 6-year-old that I apply to my work. It allows me to empathize with the parents of my patients because I face some of the same struggles they do. And because I live so close, I often see my patients and their families out and about at events in the community. Living and working here in Vinings has been ideal.

5 Tips for Healthy Kids

The most important thing to remember about raising healthy kids is to make it fun. Kids learn best through play and won’t like it if it feels like a chore. Be creative!

  1. Get the whole family involved. It’s more likely to stick if everyone does it together.
  2. Model healthy eating and exercise habits. Fruits and veggies won’t be as scary if mom and dad eat them too.
  3. Be adventurous. Hike a new trail. Try a dragon fruit. Kids don’t have to love everything, but it’s important to diversify their eating and exercise.
  4. Give them choices. Kids want to give input. Don’t let them decide everything, but offer two to three options for them to pick between.
  5. Bartering is not always bad. We all do the best we can, but there are times when kids just refuse to finish that broccoli. It’s okay to encourage children and reward good choices with extra one-on-one time with books, puzzles or games.

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