WOW it's DJ Willy Wow

Q&A with the DJ Superhero

Vinings Lifestyle (VL): What motivated you to become a DJ, specifically a kids DJ?

Willy Wow (WW): I am a connoisseur of music. It was a huge part of my upbringing. My parents were hippies, so I was exposed to every genre of music at a young age as a baby crawling on top Doobie Brothers, James Taylor, the Eagles, James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire and Donna Summer records. I had love songs and boogie planted into my little soul. I also had DJs in my family. My dad bought me a Fisher-Price record player and I would play more Kool and the Gang than Disney records as a 5-year-old. So I eventually became a dancer, songwriter, and DJing just became a natural from my knowledge of music and my work during the fresh era of hip-hop in the ’80s and ’90s. Being a kids DJ evolved from my talents yearning to be creative and leaving everyone in the room with a smile and an experience of joy. Incorporating my original music with classic children’s themes and today’s family-friendly hits just fit my personality and became my calling, and I thank God that I answered the call.

VL: What was the most touching event you were a part of?

WW: I tell people all the time that we have done over 1,000 events and momentous occasions ranging from 10 kids at a 5-year-old’s birthday party to 35,000 flowing people at The White House! No party or event has ever been duplicated; it is almost unrehearsed. But if I would have to pinpoint the most touching event it would be launching Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign and rocking out with special needs kids annually at different schools throughout the Atlanta area.

VL: What projects are you working on?

WW: Be on the lookout for a new DJ WILLY WOW! album with songs that were produced, written and performed through my career in October! Currently, I have recently partnered with the Target Corporation and Delta Airlines as a community-based entertainer around the country for playground builds and family-friendly festivals. We are currently expanding the DJ segmentation of Wow Kids Nation by recruiting more like-minded people by training DJs to help grow our brand to service schools and private events throughout the country starting with Atlanta. We are finishing up a pilot children’s web series called “The Willy Wow! Show!” The DJ WILLY WOW show focuses on teaching families different lessons of moral values, history, music, art and fun where imagination meets DJ WILLY WOW!’s reality show! which launches in September.

VL: How can someone book you?

WW: The easiest way to book DJ WILLY WOW! or a Wow Kids DJ would be by going to or by calling 1.888.WOW.2100