Stay Up Close and Personal with Your Favorite Sports with Phone Apps! 5

Do you love sports, but hate crowds? Do work and personal events keep you from watching your favorite teams? Don’t fret. The days of agonizing about missing a big game or sporting event are over. There is sure to be an app that you can install on your smartphone that will keep you abreast of what is happening. If you’re at a wedding or a trade show, you may have to sneak away to the bathroom or a quiet corner to steal a peek, but who cares? The game is all that matters!

Bleacher Report: If you can’t be front and center in the bleachers, then the Bleacher Report app is the go-to source for all sports, including fantasy teams. Customize the settings with all of your favorite teams and link to information on all social media accounts. The spinoff app Team Stream will instantly pick up your location and connect to all local sports action.

LiveScore: If you don’t have time to watch, but the suspense of not knowing the score is distracting you, then LiveScore has all the information you are craving. It covers all sports and gets results to you fast.

MatchPint: Do you have a favorite local pub where you watch your favorite game? If you’re missing your regular sports enthusiast buddies while traveling, download MatchPint. Wherever you are, this app will find a local watering hole that is showing the game you want to see.

Yahoo Sports: Yahoo email may be on the downslide, but most tech-savvy programmers agree that the Yahoo Sports app gets an A+ rating. From the ease of use and design elements to the commentary, many experts agree this one covers all the bases.

Coach’s Eye: A different angle on a sports app is the Coach’s Eye, which acts as an aid for coaches and enables them to show players instant slow-motion playback.