Coach Steve Hellier and Bella Galloway's Top 5 Sports Moments 1

Steve Hellier — Whitefield Academy’s Varsity Boy’s Head Soccer Coach

This is Coach Hellier’s 19th year at Whitefield Academy.

  1. The miracle season experienced by the 2017 Whitefield boys soccer team. Against all odds, we won the state championship, but the memory of these young men supporting one another and honoring something far greater than themselves is what I cherish the most.
  2. Winning the South Carolina state championship as a senior in high school was a big moment for me. In the final game, we upset the reigning state champs—and heavily favored opponents—in overtime.
  3. Quarterfinals of Whitefield’s boy’s soccer championship. We stayed focused, on point and our team did a complete 180. A very proud coaching moment.
  4. The Falcons 2017 Super Bowl collapse. I humbly confess that during that disaster I became frightfully aware that sporting events were far too important in my life.
  5. Mid-season, competitive cross-county tournament—our team learned a valuable lesson after that game. Never let words of another team or player cause you to lose sight of your goal. The greatest response to bad sportsmanship is to win on the field.

Bella Galloway – Campbell High School Freshman Softball Player/Catcher

Bella has been playing softball since age 4.

  1. Receiving Player of the Year Award from Georgia Academy Power Softball Club for the 2016-2017 season.
  2. My first ever out-of-the-park home run during an end-of-season tournament against Hillgrove. I was in the seventh grade.
  3. Playing at ASA Nationals for the first time this past August was an awesome opportunity for me to see how well I could compete with the best teams in the country.
  4. Attending three Division I college softball camps this summer—University of Kentucky, where I met Coach Lawson; University of NC at Chapel Hill and met Coach Papa; and the University of Alabama. My goal is to play softball in college.
  5. Our team winning the season tournament my seventh-grade year.