Healthy Pregnancies Are My Passion 2

“Helping my patients have healthy pregnancies is my passion. I’m seven months pregnant (at the time of the interview) with my second child and eating healthy and working out are very important to maintaining a healthy pregnancy,” said Sekeyta Hall, M.D. an OB/GYN for WellStar Medical Group. “Working out consistently keeps my energy level up and helps me to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, I won’t have much to lose after the pregnancy. Eating right is another key component to a healthy pregnancy. Eating grilled, roasted or steamed food is much healthier than eating fried foods.”

    1. Watch your diet and exercise regularly. It will help you from developing gestational diabetes as well as keep you from having a very large baby.
    2. Try not to gain more than 30 pounds.
    3. Take prenatal vitamins three months before you plan to get pregnant. A baby’s neural tube is formed by the time most people find out they are pregnant.
    4. Avoid raw foods like sushi, unpasteurized food, bottom feeders and only eat tuna in moderation. Don’t eat cold deli meat—heat it up in the microwave.
    5. Eat vegetables, vegetables, vegetables as well as fruit for snacks. Eat chicken and steak for protein, but don’t fry it.

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