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Eliminating Germs and Preventing Cross-contamination of Surfaces

Flu season may be over but leftover germs and other bacteria can linger. Maid Right of Marietta aims to be the go-to company for all home and residential cleaning needs. Owner Jason Wyant started Maid Right of Marietta under parent company brand Premium Franchise Brands in 2013. Maid Right operates in the East Cobb and surrounding sections of Atlanta and prides itself on using a state-of-the-art system. The other great part about Maid Right is cleaners are also franchise owners, which further speaks of their dedication to providing only the best for their clients.

What sparked the idea for Maid Right of Marietta?
After 20 years in (information technology), I found myself looking to start a new chapter in my career. The Maid Right model was appealing to me because it spoke to my passion for developing and mentoring people, but instead of helping them build their skills for another company, I can help them grow their own business. I own a master franchise license that allows me to operate in Cobb, Douglas, Paulding, Bartow and parts of Cherokee county. Within the territory, I can develop unit franchises to service our customers. Most of these unit franchisees are first-time business owners and are able to build a business that produces life-changing money for them and their family. In turn, our customers get a business owner who is invested in the opportunity to clean their home and will take pride in their work.

What is unique about Maid Right?
We are hyper-focused on eliminating germs and preventing cross-contamination of surfaces. Our color-coded cloth system allows us to ensure the cloth used on your toilet is not then used to clean your kitchen counter. We also use different color mop heads for the bathroom.

Our second tool in germ elimination is our exclusive Enviroshield® disinfecting system, which kills 99 percent of the most common bacteria and viruses such as E.coli, norovirus, MRSA and many others. This system uses an electrostatic sprayer to ensure the disinfectant wraps around and clings to difficult areas to reach, like the underside of furniture and inside toy boxes.

Is Maid Right available in any other cities?
The Maid Right franchise is still relatively new, as it launched in 2013, but the growth has been strong. It has been recognized the past two years by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the fastest-growing franchises in North America. We currently have 37 locations in the U.S., Canada and are expanding.

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