28 Days of Love 3

So here we are—February.

We survived the holiday season, we rang in the New Year and now we get to celebrate the shortest month of the year, the month of love and the knowledge that spring is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

A lot happens in February. This month, we celebrate historically and culturally significant events such as Black History Month, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day and both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s birthdays.

While there are already so many exciting things to look forward to for the next 28 days, we’re bringing you more. That’s because February is the issue we celebrate “Love in the Air”.  The “Best Love Story” contest was so inspiring and literally gave me goosebumps while reading so many amazing stories.  Thank you to all of the readers that submitted their unique and amazing stories.  Love for country, art and business are other love stories that are covered in this issue.  You will be inspired.

I love hearing from our readers.  Please send me your pictures, stories and ideas so that we can share them with your neighbors in Vinings and Smyrna.

Kim Waymer McClure, Publisher


PUBLISHER’S PICK: Renee and Ivan
immitating Sailor Kissing Nurse Statue.

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“Expert Help To Create A Holiday Home” article printed in December 2016 issue was written by Rotricia Coley. SOCIAL:@touchbyrachelle

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