Ten Tips on Getting Healthy in 2017! 3

Tips From Lauren: 

1. If you are pregnant in the New Year, congratulations! It is recommended by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology that pregnant women workout a minimum of 30 minutes a day all of, if not most days, of their pregnancy. Ladies, find a prenatal personal trainer, prenatal yoga, prenatal cardio, mommy and me, prenatal pilates or any other pregnancy parenting group and commit to being the healthiest mommy that you can be. At least 2-3 times a week! Total Fitness Revolution can help you, gives us a call!

2. Cardio, Cardio, Cardio. Cardio is one of the best ways to lose weight – especially if you’ve been inactive for a while. If you are not a member of the gym or have access to cardio equipment, we recommend that you find a running group or boot camp. Cycling is also an extremely effective way to burn calories, especially if you have joint limitations. At TFR we offer cycling classes daily, and we also have outdoor boot camp starting as early as March! 

3. Exercise requires some personal accountability. Why not challenge yourself to do your own private daily routine? Take the 60-day burpee challenge! Every day do one more burpee than the previous day. You can do this challenge with squats, situps, pushups, etc. . . Get your family to join in too! 

Tips From Tosha:

4. Nutrition is key to being well-rounded and healthy. A lot of us pack on pounds because we consume too much sodium. One of the quickest ways to remove unwanted sodium from your diet is to start sauteeing your herbs and spices in olive oil. Garlic, cilantro, oregano and basil provide a lot of flavor that will brighten up any bland meat. Additionally, lemon juice is a great substitute for salt and provides an enhanced flavor. Take some time and research salt-free seasoning options. If you need help with your meal prep or planning, come see us at TFR we provide catered meal prep service and counseling. 

5. Sometimes we don’t always need high-intensity training to get the desired results. Barre, Pilates and yoga are excellent ways to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body. We recommend that you take a barre or pilates class 2-3 times a week to settle your mind, body and spirit and strengthen the muscles that sometimes go unnoticed. We’ve got barre, yoga and pilates on the schedule weekly at Total Fitness Revolution! 

Tips From Rashad:

6. Do you travel a lot? Well, you need to start packing your bags for fitness. Always have a pair of running shoes, workout clothes and a PLAN. Everywhere you go may not have a gym, so pack a jump rope and a resistance band every time you travel. If you need travel workout tips, gear or recommendations call us or follow us on Instagram @totalfitnesrev. 

7. Wearable technology is extremely popular and effective. Keep your Fitbit, Myzone or pedometer on you at all times and set goals for calories burned and steps completed. We offer My Zone heart monitoring system at TFR and we can track all of your progress and help design programs around your fitness goals. 

8. The American College of Sports Medicine tells us that an educated and experienced fitness professional is STILL the best way to achieve your fitness goals. So what does that mean to you? Hire a personal trainer! Personal training is the best way to stay committed, stay accountable and knock your goals out one by one. Come see us at TFR for a free consultation with one of our highly credentialed and tenured personal trainers! 

Tips From Jamal: 

9. What goals do you have for your kids this New Year? Kids are less interested in getting in shape and more interested in having fun. Fun games you can play with your kids not only remove the boredom and monotony of exercise but they help to promote structure in a fun and safe environment.

Here’s a game you can try: Pizza Delivery 

Materials needed: A paper plate and cones or markers to set boundaries.

Movement to be performed: Squats.

You and your opponent will chase each other trying to knock the plates out of each others hands if your plate is knocked to the ground or if you run outside the boundaries you will perform 5 squats.

You can play this game as long as you like there is no time limit. It’s fun, it’s interactive and a great way to get fit with your kids! Call us at TFR – we specialize in working with kids!

10. Lead by example. Your kids will follow your lead. A good fitness regimen for your child is very much like teaching your kids good habits. The more often you emphasize the importance of their health through example the more it will take hold and help shape and mold your child’s healthy and fit future. At TFR we specialize in kids training, from the little kids to the kids preparing to enter college. TFR sport specific training prepares your kids for the rigors of their sports. TFR CrossFit kids/teens teach and train children the importance of proper functional movement. Regardless of the age or fitness level get them started with some type of fitness regimen as early and as often as possible.