Six Experiences to Start the New Year Right

Tickets to a Performance at Buckhead Theatre

Among the many live performing venues in Atlanta, you won’t want to miss a show at the historic Buckhead Theatre. Since its re-opening in 2010, popular acts from musicians, stage players and comedians have graced the stage. Livenation is the host for Buckhead Theatre and is always releasing new performances, ranging from country and indie genres, bands to singer/songwriters.

Massage by Alexis Shank

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Take a deep breath and melt into relaxation with a massage. Alexis Shank does Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage, but its her certification in Medicupping Therapy that sets her apart. A cupping session reduces inflammation, increases circulation and breaks up scar tissue by creating space to allow oxygenated blood to flow through the system. The results from cupping help the overall wellness of the body—key during flu season—and relieve anxiety.

Ranger-led Outdoor Trips at Georgia State Parks

Paddle in the moonlight. Hike to scenic overlooks that reveal three states. Discover hidden trails and history. Georgia State Parks’ hosts ranger-led events at parks across the state, giving you a chance to experience the lesser-known parts of the park. Re-live your childhood and climb in the trees–attached safely with a rope– at Panola Mountain State Park or paddle under the moonlight in George Sparks Reservoir at Sweetwater Creek State Park. North of the city, follow Rangers on guided hikes to scenic overlooks. 

Guided Tour from Bicycle Tours of Atlanta

Explore some of Atlanta’s off-the-beaten-path destinations and all by bike. You can choose from a few different experiences, such as the Street Art Bike Tour that highlights the ever-changing mural art in Atlanta, including inspirational stories of the artists; or the Twilight Bike Tour through some of the city’s historic neighborhoods. No bikes are needed, just bring your curiosity and workout clothes!

Private Yoga & Meditation Classes

Samantha Shal has her 200-hour certification and combines the mindfulness of meditation with the flow of yoga. In Samantha’s private classes, expect some quiet time to connect movement and the breath. These classes are tailored for you—and Samantha’s unique offerings include Thai bodywork training, guided meditation or even yoga Nidra, which means yoga sleep.

Indoor Skydiving Session

Scared of heights but want the thrill of skydiving? Feel the rush of wind buzzing past you, while floating midair in a vertical wind tunnel with indoor skydiving. The newest facility on the block is iFly World, located on Cobb Parkway. Despite being indoors, you’ll still get the sensation of free falling with the safety of walls around you. By the end of the 2-hour session, you’ll have completed 1.5 skydives and will have the experience to remember.