Grocery Store Tour Offers Healthy Insights

Smyrna lifestyle transformation consultant guides health-seekers to best food options

We’ve all done it.

In line to check out in the grocery store, you glance into the cart and say, “Why did I put those potato chips in there? What was I thinking?”

Perhaps being mindful is on your list of promises to yourself for the New Year. As you roll into 2017, why not practice that mindfulness at the grocery store?

Lifestyle transformation consultant Sonali Sadequee believes that shopping with care leads people to healthier lives, helping them control and even reverse illnesses. In her practice, Sadequee guides clients to healthy food choices, working with them on specific health goals. She also takes clients on grocery store tours, teaching them how to shop.

On a tour with Vinings Lifestyle, Sadequee swept into the store, bypassed the bakery (“Too much gluten.”) and headed to the produce.

“This is nature’s medicine,” Sadequee says. “For optimum health, we are looking for high-fiber, low-fat foods. What’s that? Fruits and vegetables.”

Sadequee, founder of Sustainable Wellness, a health and lifestyle coaching practice, is trained by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, certified by the Institute for Integrative Medicine, and board-certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

As she darts through the produce, she lifts vegetables, extolling their health benefits. “Broccoli is a natural source of calcium. You can eat that every day. You need one cup to one bowl of something green every day. You could take broccoli, spinach, kale, boil it and blend it. Green soup!”

Squashes are a great source of fiber, she says. Root vegetables have lots of minerals, so reach for turnip roots, carrots and beets. Don’t overlook mushrooms, especially shiitake and maitake, which are cancer-fighters.

“The overarching focus is on consuming foods that are anti-inflammatory. We are seeking a whole lifestyle that is anti-inflammatory,” she says.

The final stop in the grocery store is the natural food section, where Sadequee cautions, “Just because it is in the natural section, doesn’t mean we should blindly buy it.”

Check the labels for products that are organic, preservative-free, low-fat and high-fiber. Get in the habit of checking every label on packaged items. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t buy it.

Sadequee didn’t take Vinings Lifestyle down the center aisles of the store. Sadequee advises shopping the perimeter of the store. That’s where the healthy choices are.

“We know that in changing the way we eat to be healthy, we must take small steps,” she says. “But in making those adjustments, we must understand it’s a transition process.”

Sadequee can be reached at 678.733.9651 or