Homemade for the Holidays 4

The holidays are an ideal time to put on the apron and pull out the crafting supplies to make homemade gifts this year. The memories created with family and friends will last long after the holiday lights have dimmed.

Spend time with kids in the kitchen this holiday season. Let them choose recipes, make shopping lists, bake and package. Homemade gifts from the kitchen are a wonderful way to personalize the holidays long after the presents have been exchanged.

Not sure what to give and want it to be homemade? Go with something edible. Edible gifts are a go to solution for those hard to buy friends or family members or any last minute invitations. For those who are nervous about giving something homemade, if the gift is from the heart that’s all that matters. Hopefully, they will see the gift as a labor of love and accept it in the spirit it was given.

Throw a Homemade Holiday Party

Thinking of inviting the neighbors over for the holidays or hosting an after school play date? Make homemade gifts together. Consider these ideas for your next holiday party.

Invite friends over for an Ornament Crafting Party. Choose the ornament that would work for the guest list. Gather all the supplies and print out directions. Add in some festive drinks and small bites and it’s a party. Everyone leaves with a handmade ornament to commemorate the experience.

Set up a packaging station for a Cookie Exchange Party. Purchase white or kraft boxes, colored ribbon or twine, coordinating tissue paper and holiday labels. Try getting fancy and using cut up strips of fabric to decorate the boxes. Cupcake wrappers are also great to have to add a festive touch and help organize the cookies. Guests will leave with their gifts ready for gifting.

Host a Treat In A Jar Party. There are hundreds of ideas that work great in a jar. Try candy cane hot chocolate mix, a caramel apple kit, ginger maple cookies, or cranberry honey spread. Pick up a case of mason jars. Use old fabric swatches or pick up a 1/2 yard of holiday-themed fabric to cut out squares to go on top of jars. Gather all the supplies to fill the jars. If needed have pre-printed recipe cards ready to attach to the jars. Use twine or ribbon to add gifts tags.

Let’s face it, no matter how imperfect the gift there is something about the personal nature of a homemade gift that makes it so special to the giver and the receiver. As your list grows or the last minute gifts you forgot to buy pop up, relax knowing the plan for making it a homemade Christmas was well worth it.