6 Essentials for a Super Summer 5

As the editor of Vinings Lifestyle Magazine and a writer and blogger in my own right (MamaliciousMaria.com), companies often send me products to review with hopes I like the products and tell others about them. Some products miss the mark. Others are nice but not notable. And then there are the ones that are fantastic, standing out in sometimes astonishingly simple ways. Here are six of those fantastic products that are now on my summer essentials list.

From a portable snack to a tote that makes wine portable to a bluetooth speaker that makes your tunes portable, there’s something for everyone!

Two bottle Wine Tote – $17.99, BuiltNY.com

This very useful tote is made of neoprene (think wetsuit) material to help keep your favorite red, white, sparkling, or still wine chilled to perfection for up to four hours. Perfect for the beach, pool or to bring your favorite bottles to the next backyard bash.

Slammers Super Food Snacks – $4.29, SlammersSnacks.com

While the Slammers Super Food Snacks are created with kids in mind, they are great for adults too. They are best chilled but can be popped in your purse for when those hunger pangs start or the kids start whining…which ever comes first. These squeezable packs are delicious, easily digestible, and a great source of instant fuel. Why should the kids get all the good stuff?

S-Box Bluetooth speaker – $149.99, SBoxSpeakers.com

S-Box speakers are water proof, have an 8-12 hour battery life and has built in microphone so you can even answer calls hand free while you’re laying out by the pool! The speaker offers a crisp, refined sound, and all the Speaker buttons include voice notifications. Take this speaker to the beach, pool, or just your next park playdate.

HP Social Media Snapshots – $9.99, HP.com

Get all those photos out of your phone and relive life’s moments. Print your social media posts directly from your smartphone or tablet with HP’s app and use this stickable 4 x 5-inch paper to decorate any space. They easily spruce up a plain gift bag and can be used in many other craft projects too.

Panasonic Lumix ZS60 camera – $450, Panasonic.com

For anyone who thinks their camera phone is good enough, spend a day with this point-and-shoot camera and you’ll see what you’ve been missing. This tiny, light camera packs a punch with it’s 18 megapixels, high definition video, in-camera editing, and Wi-Fi capability. It’s worth the splurge.

Kids swimwear – Starting at $44, SnapperRock.com

Keep your kids protected and looking adorable with Snapper Rock suits that block 98% of all harmful rays. The swimsuits are cute, colorful, and appropriately modest, yet cut for active kids. With over 80 styles, colors and prints, there’s sure to be swimwear that works for everyone.