9 Things You Didn't Know About Smyrna

Think Smyrna is just another run-of-the-mill Southern town? Think again. Here are 9 fun facts about our great city, written with help from Harold Smith, President of Smyrna Historical and Genealogical Society.

  1. The city of Smyrna is known as the Jonquil City for the thousands of jonquil flowers that bloom in early Spring each year.
  2. Smyrna gets its name from the Bible’s book of Revelation, after one of the churches established by the Apostle Paul in the first century A.D.
  3. What is now the Silver Comet Trail,has been a hiking trail for more than 150 years. The Concord Dam and lake formed by the backwaters of Nickajack Creek was a favorite recreation spot since the 1800’s.
  4. The Concord covered bridge over Nickajack Creek was constructed around 1848 and is the only bridge in the metro area still in use as a public highway. More than 12,000 vehicles cross the narrow one-way span each day.
  5. Smyrna was the “transformer” station when the Atlanta Northern Interurban Trolley Inc, ran trolleys from Marietta to downtown. The trolleys made the 18-mile trip in 50 minutes, travelling up to 65 mph, at the cost of 35 cents per person.
  6. During the Civil War, the Union Army’s General Sherman was nearly killed during the historic battle of Smyrna on July 4, 1864. Historians say General Sherman was performing reconnaissance when a bullet whizzed perilously close to his head, 
destroying his hat.
  7. Smyrna was the home of Belmont Hills Shopping Complex, the South’s largest shopping center, in the 1950’s. A former farm was turned into a strip mall that drew visitors from as far away as Tennessee and Alabama.
  8. The Smyrna Welcome Center on Atlanta Rd. was once a world-famous, Southern-themed restaurant named Aunt Fanny’s Cabin. For five decades the restaurant hosted movie stars, sports figures, politicians and other celebrities of the day.
  9. Actress Julia Roberts is Smyrna-born! She attended Fitzhugh Lee Elementary School (which ceased regular operation in 1998), Griffin Middle School, and Campbell High School.

Smyrna Welcome Center and Museum: 2861 Atlanta Road, Smyrna