Adjusting to Spring 4

Tips to help deal with the aches and allergies of a Southern Spring

“Our bodies were meant to go outside and meant to do work,” says Dr. Don N. Parkerson, Jr., of the HP Spine Center. “So our goal is to help patients be able to adapt to the environment, especially when there are changes in barometric pressure. And, because we’re in the South with the pollen, people have it tougher.”

Dr. Parkerson says that headaches and migraines are often caused by seasonal weather changes that can be effectively and safely treated with chiropractic care. Dr. Parkerson and his colleagues, Dr. C Wayne Neal and Dr. Drew Sutherland, practice a very specialized form of chiropractic treatment called orthospinology. Orthospinology is the science of providing a precise instrument adjustment in the upper neck where the brain and the spinal cord meet. This area controls all of the body’s automatic functions such as breathing, blood circulation, digestion and posture.

“Orthospinology has been our specialty since day one. Less than 2 percent of all chiropractors practice this because you have to be board certified and have a post graduate education,” he says. “The majority of our patients are people who haven’t been helped by traditional chiropractic techniques or are scared of having their neck twisted or manipulated. Ninety-nine percent of our patients come from referrals of existing patients.”

Dr. Parkerson says that in most cases headaches and migraines are caused by the “distorted nerve flow and blood flow between the head and neck. Depending on how long the patient has had the problem will determine how long it takes for the body to change.”

Of course, springtime brings more than pollen and weather-induced headaches. As we lumber out of the winter cave to spring we start digging in the garden, doing spring cleaning and playing outdoor sports — all of which can cause lower back issues. “More than 50 percent of our cases are patients with lower back problems including herniated discs and sciatic nerve issues. And again, in order to correct the bottom of the spine, it is necessary to balance the top of the spine.”

If someone feels lower back pain as a result of an activity, the first thing to do is ice it, he says. “If the pain persists, then a spinal evaluation is necessary and we can restore the patient’s well being.”

Dr. Parkerson continues, “our patients often have serious spinal conditions or headaches and they haven’t gotten any relief. They may want to avoid surgery or taking pain killers. They have not had relief from other chiropractors but they all come here and we made it our mission to help them. Orthospinology is exceptionally safe, gentle and noninvasive. And, with proper nutrition, exercise and sleep we can focus on restoring the proper nerve function to the brain and spinal chord. That’s how we create a foundation of health.”

No matter the season, the HP Spine Center can help get you adjusted to it!