Art Collecting for Beginners: Tips for Starting Your Collection 3

For those looking to build an art collection and unsure where to begin, a visit to an art gallery should be your first stop. Luckily for those in the Vinings area, Vinings Gallery is a fantastic resource. Vinings Gallery offers art lovers access to internationally and nationally-recognized artists without traveling to bigger cities across the world.

According to Gary Handler, co-owner of Vinings Gallery, the first thought for building a collection is “recognizing that collecting should be a journey over time.” He goes on to say most collections are not built in one purchase, but rather evolve and expand as the collector’s taste change and their knowledge of art grows.

The actual first step in building a collection will vary. Many times people will begin by walking into a gallery and meet with the staff to determine what type of art they carry. A new collector needs to take the time to become familiar with their local art market and to determine personal preferences.

Another method to start an art collection can include buying a piece at a festival or directly from an artist. However you begin, start with pieces you are passionate about. “Buy a piece because you love it. Then let’s get it home and find a place on the wall.”

Using personal taste as a guiding point also allows for collectors to enter at any price point. Working with either your local gallery or artists, collectors can begin stepping out of their comfort zone and find beautiful works by nationally or locally-recognized artists at most budget levels. One benefit of partnering with a gallery such as the Vinings Gallery is their staff builds a relationship with clients to help find pieces that move the client after learning their personal taste and budget.

The staff at Vinings Gallery takes pride in turning customers into friends through their high levels of customer service. They also bring artists from around the world into the gallery for monthly gallery events, so local collectors have the opportunity to learn more about the artists and their works and to connect with their personal favorite pieces.

Once a collector has made the investment for a work of art, enhancing purchases with custom framing and design is the final step before adding to the home collection. Vinings Gallery offers these services onsite through the design and framing section led by co-owner Denard Stalling. Mr. Stalling is an accomplished artist himself whose art can also be found on the gallery walls. He approaches the selection of the framing as a compliment and extension of the piece itself.

With selecting either your first piece of a collection or your most recent, the goal should always be the same. It is a very simple idea. Just look for a piece that makes you smile when you see it on the wall.