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Meet Michael White

There isn’t much in our world that isn’t constantly evolving into a newer and different version of itself. Similarly, since its early days, art has certainly been an avenue that follows this rule, and contemporary multimedia artist Matthew White has fully embraced this phenomenon in his work — whereby securing a comfortable place on Atlanta’s radar as an artist to watch.

Over the past few years, the Douglasville native, and now Smyrna resident, has found a niche in the art realm with his out-of-the-box manipulation of modern art forms. As a result, his various series, from #Hashtag to 121 Doorways, illustrate differing takes on our progressing world, leaving each series unlike the last.

White, who characterizes himself as being a cross-disciplinary artist, mixes traditional forms of art materials, including acrylic paint and canvas, with technology — another ever-changing medium — including digital components from around the Web (think social media sites).

“When making art, there is almost always a digital aspect to my process. My work is seldom purely digital or non-digital. I gather materials and inspiration everywhere – sound, trash, hardware stores, garage sales, and Twitter, for example. I capture digital images. I manipulate and print them. When I realized that ‘being an artist’ isn’t at all about being the tortured soul that sits isolated in a studio, I realized that inspiration can come from anywhere.”

“The gathering of those materials, the materials themselves, the subject matter, and the techniques all mirror our cut and paste culture,” says the Oglethorpe University graduate, who was recently featured in Art Takes Miami and Fresh Paint Magazine.

Once his creations are finished, White has not hesitated to get them in front of an audience, which has garnered him a growing presence in Atlanta’s art scene.

For instance, his most recent series, #StopInfluenceNow, was on display at Ponce City Market last summer. Similarly, his Moon Phase series showed at King Plow Arts Center in 2011.

Thus, it should be no surprise that the digital marketing and mobile tech enthusiast is a member of the Executive Committee of Atlanta Contemporary’s Board of Directors (a nonprofit and non-collecting institution that supports new and seasoned artists), a Hambidge Fellow since March 2015 (a residency program that provides sanctuary in the North Georgia mountains to creative individuals seeking to focus on new projects), and a regular contributor to the invitation-only auctions supporting the Hambidge Center and Art Papers nonprofits.

Outside of engaging in group and solo pop-up shows to spread the word about his art, White, who first began regularly making visual works while in his early 20’s, currently calls home to his art work.

Furthermore, as White continues to get deeper into the art arena, especially locally, he is making plans to create more collaborations in spaces that are both virtual and brick-and-mortar.

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