Meet the Kilpatricks 2

Meet Brian and Kathryn Kilpatrick and their adorably energetic baby, Annie. These New England transplants will be married for three years this Spring. Brian has lived in Smyrna for the last 11 years and Kathryn has lived here for 5.

Brian is a construction manager for a general contractor in Midtown and Kathryn is a stay-at-home mom to 1 year old Annie. Prior to becoming a mom, Kathryn was a social worker providing mental health support and counseling to community members in both Connecticut and Georgia.

Little Annie loves to read with her parents, go for walks in their Smyrna neighborhood, and run throughout their stylish yet family-friendly home. She also appreciates Kathryn’s latest efforts to elevate her cooking skills and likes to “help” her mom in the kitchen!

Brian and Kathryn recently invited Vinings Lifestyle into their home to learn more about their sweet family.

VL: What are your favorite things to do in the Vinings/Smyrna area?

“We love going to the park, out to lunch and taking walks with Annie. Annie and I have attended The Music Class, swim classes at Swimmerman and The Little Gym which were terrific experiences.”

VL: Where are your favorite places to eat in the area?

“We love Muss & Turner’s, McCray’s, and Canoe.”

VL: What traditions do you hope to pass down to Annie?

“A tradition we hope to pass down to Annie is the importance of spending time with family. Life gets busy and we want to make sure we have quality time together. We hope to create new traditions with her as she grows.”

VL: Why do you call Smyrna home?

“We call Smyrna home because of our fabulous neighbors and friends who are very supportive and fun. We call it home because it is a place we are blessed to live and to raise our daughter.”