Destination: Food 4

Journey around the world with or without a passport.

“The way to a man’s heart is through his belly,” so goes the ancient saying. Sucheta Rawal, founder of Go. Eat. Give., ( is banking on that maxim, using the common language of food to crumble misguided stereotypes about unfamiliar cultures and religions.

Her Smyrna-based business elevates understanding of global and cultural perspectives, and it provides unique experiences to Atlantans through three food-focused means. By the end of an adventure with Rawal, your belly- and your heart- will be full.

Destination Dinners

Monthly “Destination Dinners” grant locals the opportunity to experience a foreign country without leaving Atlanta. From Trinidad to Brazil, and from Morocco to Taiwan, guests enjoy authentic cuisine at select local restaurants, complete with artists, dancers, musicians and other special touches.

Go. Eat. Give. takes the guess work out of finding an authentic restaurant and discerning what to order from the menu. With a dedicated following and continuous flow of new attendees, Rawal hosts 50-150 guests each month at Destination Dinners around the city, each uniquely focused on a single culture. With over 40 dinners under her belt, she uses her skills as a restaurant critic plus her connections with genuine ethnic eateries in Atlanta to craft an entertaining and educational experience.

Dinners are $45 per person ($35 for members,) and they are ideal for date nights or family excursions. Meals do not include alcohol, but there is often a cash bar at the restaurant, sometimes featuring a drink special.

Cooking Classes

Enjoy a more intimate introduction to a culture- possibly for a birthday party or group gathering- through GO. Eat. Give.’s cooking classes taught in the home of beloved Atlanta chefs who specialize in distinct ethic cuisine.

Rawal, also a chef, teaches classes herself but also partners with multiple culinary experts around the city such as Chef Judith McLoughlin from Ireland and Chef Avi Bitton from Tel Aviv.

These cozy classes are generally hands-on and held in the home of the teaching chef. In addition to connecting people through food, they allow local Atlantans to learn more about international fare and journey to another country without a passport.

Classes are held 1-2 times per month and range from $50 – $100 per person, depending on the lesson.

Meaningful Travel

Finally, for the ultimate in global immersion, follow Go. Eat. Give. to another country through their Meaningful Travel program. Divine eats, volunteer opportunities and local characters ensure a memorable vacation that is simply not possible through your average travel agency.

After taking 35 tours around the globe, Rawal began to feel that something was missing from her experiences, something heartfelt and meaningful. She wanted to tap into the a country’s local culture and find ways to give back to those that might not be as fortunate. Her Meaningful Travel program seeks to fill that gap.

As if introducing Atlanta to the beauty and nuance of other cultures was not enough, Go. Eat. Give. also gives back to the communities they represent and tour. Through investment of proceeds from their programs and yearly fundraising activities, Rawar’s business invests in schools, orphanages and other community nonprofits around the globe.

For those looking for the opportunity to travel the world in a meaningful way, experience authentic cuisine in Atlanta or learn the secrets of cooking international meals you’ll remember for a lifetime, then visit Go. Eat. Give!