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City Dogs, Lexi and Zoe, Have Learned to Adapt to Smryna Life

Lexi and Zoe started off their lives as city dogs but have quickly adjusted to life in the suburbs over the last three years. Lexi, a Brittany Spanial and Zoe, a Golden Retriever are the much loved pets of Brad and Michelle Bielen, owners of Uptown Pups in Vinings.

The family loves living in the Vinings area and considers it a great place for pets. Lexi and Zoe have spent many days “working” alongside Brad and Michelle at Uptown Pups, greeting everyone who came into the store. They were also adept at making animals comfortable before being groomed, showing off all the great toys and equipment, and giving their opinion on all the many foods Uptown Pups carries for animals (dry kibble, canned, or raw).

Lately, Lexi and Zoe have “retired” though they still get all the treats and toys they’re used to getting. They miss their in-town favorite place, Piedmont Park, but the parks in Cobb County have been great. Burger Park in Smyrna is the family’s new favorite. They also love going to East Palisades to play in the river and go on hikes.

Lexi and Zoe may miss all the ear scratches they would get walking through the city, but they have made lots of dog friends in Smyrna and can’t wait to meet more.

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