I’m thrilled to bring you this special “spirited” edition of Vinings Lifestyle magazine. Inside you will learn why everyone seems to be talking about craft beer and where to get it in Smyrna and Vinings. You are also treated to cocktail recipes from some of our favorite bars in the area to spice up your next dinner party. Read on to learn how a local Smyrna home builder was featured on a FOX TV reality show, as well as get to know your friendly evening sports anchor, David Wilkinson and his darling family, a little better. We also explain the new trend in agri-tourism and the pull to let loose in New Orleans.

I’m excited to be the editor for Vinings Lifestyle and to be able to bring you these great stories. I have lived in the Vinings area with my family for 6 years and I love it. With four kids and a husband, I love the area’s family-friendliness as well as its proximity to just about anything else in the metro Atlanta area. From friendly neighbors to happening events to excellent schools and parks…our neighborhood is pretty sweet!

In future editions, we plan to bring you information, entertainment and the excitement that comes from living in the Vinings and Smyrna communities. See something we should include? Shoot an email to me ( or just tap me on the shoulder when you spot me at Taylor-Brawner Park, Vinings Chick-fil-A, or Sunday mornings at Mount Paran. I look forward to exploring even more of our own amazing community right along with you.

See you around,