Dreams Built Here 4

Smyrna Homebuilder Designs Grand-Prize Dream Home for FOX Show, “Home Free”

When Fox Network sought a custom home builder for it’s brand new home renovation competition show, Home Free, Edward Andrews Homes was the perfect fit. Based off Cumberland Parkway in Smyrna, Edward Andrews Homes was asked to do what they do best: create a dream house for a deserving family.

For eight weeks during the show’s run this summer, nine couples completed a laundry list of tasks to rehabilitate a series of homes, showing off their do-it-yourself skills, and sometimes their I-don’t-know-how-to-do-it skills as well. After the day’s grueling tasks were done, the couples all had to live together in the house they were rehabbing. The trials and tribulations were worth it for these contestants though, because each of them wanted to win the ultimate prize: their very own dream home!

The lucky and talented winners were Ben and Kasey, parents of four small children. They had hoped to win to ease the financial strain they had been under since their small business went under during the recession. The family of six now have the home they’ve always imagined and are well on the way to rebuilding their American dream. Their new dream home is located in the Preserve at Reed Mill community in Buford, Georgia.

Called the “most legit name in home improvement,” Mike Holmes is the host of Home Free, and helped Ben and Kasey master each task. He was not shy about challenging them though or pushing them to learn new skills. With 30+ years experience as a licensed contractor, Holmes has demanding standards and guided all the couples to new heights in design and construction that surprised even them. Each week, a couple who didn’t perform up to code was eliminated until the season finale when only Ben and Kasey were left.

Edwards Andrews Homes was chosen to create the dream home given to the winner of this Home Free in part because of the recognition the home builder achieved for its Exact Design Experience center which opened last year in Alpharetta, Georgia. Using the newest technology, Edward Andrew helped to change the builder to owner relationship.  They let consumers design the exact dream home they have always wanted, down to the last detail.

Edwards Andrews helps to make the numerous decisions for both public and private spaces when creating a custom home more manageable and personal. The Exact Design Center allows buyers to visualize home layouts in 3-D with space and finishes completed. These powerful tools, which eliminate costly in-construction structural changes and delays, were shown off to viewers during the season finale of Home Free.

Caroline Simmel, senior vice president of marketing for Edward Andrews Homes, believes their creative approach to home design has truly set them a part.

“Custom homes work because they are designed to match an owner’s lifestyle and personal preferences,” says Simmel. “With our Exact Design experience, everyone can customize home decisions prior to the build.”

Edward Andrews has built 15 communities in the suburbs of Atlanta that preserve the natural beauty of the land. Their first Smyrna community, a townhome community called Lylebrook, will open early next year on Atlanta Rd.

As the end of the Home Free contest neared, the surviving couples were able to use the extensive Edward Andrews Homes tools to complete their design and build tasks. By using the style and lifestyle quizzes, the design team created a manageable selection of design ideas for each couple. They matched the couple’s idea of a dream home to the exact one that was being built. The show’s winners, Ben and Kasey, were shocked to see their dreams had actually come true!