Farm Fresh

There is nothing better than being surrounded with great friends, good wine, and a delicious home cooked meal and one so fresh you know for sure you’re doing your body a great service.

Green Means Go (Oh! I mean) Growth

As I ponder all things green for this article I think of money and nature. I am struck with their common thread of abundance. Nature is full, especially in California due to recent rain. As always, nature is green and abundant.

Earth Day Every Day

We're a little obsessed with fun, organic freshness, and we love botanicals ~ their seeds, bark, sap, and oils feed and nurture our skin. We surround ourselves with earth-grown elements every day while making our treatments in our Skin Studio.

A Community Garden Built On Love

I love talking to people telling them I have a community garden in San Juan Capistrano. The response is, “Oh, I would love to have one too.”


For most, a home is the most significant investment one will ever make. Given that, protecting the value of your investment should be a top priority…in other words how much “sweat equity - the value-enhancing improvements generated from the sweat of one's brow,” makes sense? Well, it depends on a number of circumstances.  Whether you plan to stay in your…

Ramos House Cafe

Our current cities are filled with rushed traffic, busy lifestyles with many in a big hurry to get to somewhere. Do you ever sit in traffic or a busy freeway wishing you could find a delightful get-away not to far away and feel some magic in your life! I know the exact place and it's right in San Juan Capistrano,…

Coming Home

Slow down. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and feel your body. Notice the movement of energy pulsing through your physical frame. It’s not just your heart pumping, it’s energy. Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Energy is everywhere and its expressed in infinite forms. We are…

Your Body is Your Home 

 Where is the one place we’ve lived our entire lives?  Most think of a home as a physical address, but our actual home is our body.  We take regular care of our physical homes and our space around us. We clean, straighten and sometimes renovate our space. It’s just as important to keep our body in top shape. When we edit…

Welcome Home!

An inside look at how professional and purposeful design solutions transformed this San Clemente house into a space suitable for family, friends and more!

To Envision, To Conceive, To Discover, To Build – This Defines A MAKER

Makers are not just visionaries or dreamers. Visualizing a creation in the mind’s eye is merely the first step. Then there’s the act of imagining, ruminating, and sorting out details. After which, a maker breathes life into their vision. At times, they must work against all odds and ignore the doubters, the naysayers. Afterward, they funnel their heart and soul…