Keeping in natural

We don’t follow trends. We like to think that we make them! 

What trends in skincare are we talking about? First, it’s about pure, clean, fresh, and skin-loving plant-based oils. 

Oils are hitting the market in masses, but not all oils are created equally.

Afraid to use oils on your skin? Not sure if your skin can handle oils? We hear it, and we know… no one wants to feel greasy, but dewy skin is soft and healthy. Any cream or lotion that you’ve used in the past already contains oils, but often they’re hidden in waxes, fillers, and water. Oil-free products replace oils with silicones which clog pores and can irritate the skin. 

Rather than hide our ingredients and plant actives, we love to let them celebrate their authenticity and benefits. 

Cleansing oils, facial serums, vitamin serum boosts, body oils, hair serums ~ we can’t ignore the high level of antioxidants and healthy ingredients that organic and naturally-derived plant oils offer. Synthetics just can’t compete with the real deal. 

Another trend in skincare? Waterless beauty. 

We’ve always been a waterless brand and use no water in our cleansers, facial serums, toners, masks, and the like. Water is often added as a filler, and adding water to a product will quickly breed bacteria. Harmful preservatives would then need to be included, and we avoid those harmful, toxic preservatives. Water is a limited commodity and many treatments are used with water at the sink. It’s much better that way! 

For more, peek at our website,, or pop into our Skin Studio in San Clemente. The effectiveness, aromas, and enjoyment we get from natural products not only help us on the outside, but it keeps our mind at ease and doesn’t compromise our health.