What Your Return on Investment Really Looks Like

As the summer spontaneity dies down and our household routines are restored, many Orange County residents are taking time to focus on the remodeling projects they’ve been dreaming about. As concepts turn into conversations with your contractor, the first questions to be answered are “what type of project am I hoping to do?” and “does the project cost fit within what I able to invest?”. Supporting your decision-making process and cost conversations ahead, the Sea Pointe Construction team design and construction professionals offer clients realistic return on investment consideration.

With over thirty years of experience, below is Sea Pointe Construction’s guide to the most monetarily rewarding residential remodeling projects, in relation to the initial investment.

Adding Square Footage

As you could have guessed, enlarging your home notoriously offers the highest returns amongst remodeling projects. That being said, the type of space being added goes hand-in-hand with the amount of value-added. Above all, adding a ground-floor bedroom suite or “mother-in-law” suite is a wise investment. With the reported increase in multi-generational homes, an additional bedroom/bathroom space separate from the others is highly coveted. This type of space is also valuable as a master suite for homeowners who would like to stay in their home but anticipate trouble climbing stairs. In cases where adding a mother-in-law suite just is not an option, Sea Pointe Construction design consultant James Bailey sees adding a full bathroom as the next best option.

Kitchen Remodel

As most homeowners know, kitchens are the natural gathering place and entertainment hub of the home. Thus, the old-school cosmetic updates that once constituted a “kitchen remodel” are no longer satisfying homeowners. The few “must-haves”, outlined by our leading team of Design Consultants, will take your kitchen remodel from good to great! “It’s not uncommon to find a feeling of disconnect between a home’s everyday eating area and the kitchen space… Our solution, incorporate a large, destination island!” says Carolyn Hall. A large kitchen island is the perfect middle ground between a prepping host and loved ones. Now, time to talk about cabinetry. Customized rollouts and inserts are the perfect way to keep pots and pans, spices, small kitchen appliances and even wine at your fingertips and off your countertop! As they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!


Master Bathroom Remodel

Where beautiful design meets functionality we find standout spaces. This applies especially to a home’s more personal areas, like the master bathroom. As defined by the Sea Pointe Construction Design Consultant team, a sleek and simple environment is universally desirable to homeowners envisioning their perfect space for rest and relaxation. When possible, consider incorporating a large, no-threshold shower. Creating this type of an open aesthetic eliminates the “will this master bathroom feel cramped?” question. Moreover, floating vanities create the illusion of floor space while adding to the spa-like aesthetic most homeowners are trying to achieve. And when it comes to the “jewelry” of master bathroom design, nothing says elegant ease like a freestanding bathtub or oversized soaker tub.