In the magazine world, the September issue is the most anticipated arrival of the year. It’s the unofficial first look at this season’s fashion trends and predictions for the upcoming year. It’s the issue fashionistas can’t wait to get their hands on. So it is with much excitement that we present you, dear reader, with our own localized fashion issue—Ocean to Ranch-style.

For our annual fall fashion photo shoot, we went to XXXXXXXXXX [feature location] to showcase all the season’s hottest looks straight from the runways. We also offer some tips for creating a stylish home, inspiration for rocking trends at any age, a lesson in chic cocktail presentation and more.

If your wardrobe is in need of a serious makeover, look to the dreamy closet on page XX [Open House] as your muse. Then hit the town sporting your new duds and check out all the local musical talent on offer. XXXXX, XXXXX and XXXXXX [Back Stage bands/musicians] are just a few names you should know.

Whether or not you consider yourself a fashionista, your personal style is a reflection of your personality, lifestyle and taste. And we’re always looking for ways to put our best foot forward.

Happy fall, Ocean to Ranch!